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Effective ways to reduce estrogen and INCREASE TESTOSTERONE

Natural ways to help reduce estrogen and improve testosterone levels:

  • Lose weight – More importantly, lose body fat. Excess body fat is linked to excess estrogen.
  • Short, intense exercise – 8 repetitions totaling a twenty-minute routine with strength training increases testosterone and reduces estrogen. Proceed with caution and under the direction of a medical professional!
  • Consume ZINC – Foods such as cruciferous vegetables (broccoli, kale, brussels sprouts), shellfish, lean meat, nuts, and beans.  These are shown to regulate estrogen and increase testosterone.
  • Avoid environmental estrogens – It’s impossible to avoid all environmental estrogens. However, avoiding meat products from animals raised with synthetic hormones is a right place to start. Plastic food wraps or food containers can leach estrogen into food. Shampoos and toiletries that contain parabens also include estrogens. Avoid these products when possible.
  • Reduce soy and flax products – Both are very high in phytoestrogens. Many scientists believe that foods containing these products increase estrogen levels.
  • Reduce or eliminate alcohol intake – Alcohol interferes with liver and kidney function, which in turn affects the body’s ability to regulate estrogen, testosterone and growth hormone.
  • Limit or eliminate sugar and processed foods from your diet; increase healthy fats – mono and polyunsaturated as well as healthy saturated fats; vitamin D supplementation up to 8,000 iu., daily; reduce stress (cortisol) and get a good night’s sleep.

Four oral supplements that help reduce estrogen and enhance testosterone levels:

  1. Zinc Orotate
  2. Resveratrol derived from grape skin.
  3. DIM
  4. Calcium-D-Glucarate

Other beneficial supplements:

  • Wild Nettle Root (or Nettle Leaves) – Often used to produce prostate medicines. Nettles contain compounds that act as natural estrogen blockers.  Also helps with liver detoxification.
  • Chrysin – This flavonoid is found in passionflowers, honey, and bee propolis. Proponents argue that it blocks estrogen and increases testosterone.
  • Maca – A cruciferous plant that contains many vitamins and valuable nutrients, providing a host of benefits, including enhanced fertility and estrogen blocking effects.
  • Grape Seed Extract.

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