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Bioavailable Testosterone – What is YOURS?

As many of you know, there has been a great deal of interest regarding Low T and TRT (testosterone replacement therapy) over the recent years. Many believe that they can get a prescription of testosterone either by injection, topical or some other applications, and that’s it. Symptoms or problem resolved. WRONG!

Let’s shed some light on an important concept and provide an understanding of why we experience low levels of bioavailable testosterone, and why testosterone may not be the only appropriate treatment option.

We know that if you take two Hydrogen atoms and one Oxygen atom = (reaction or conversion) H2O (water). Therefore, if you take something (an element in this case) and combine it with another, you end up with something completely different.

This concept applies to men in the following way: Testosterone + Aromatase (an enzyme) = a reaction or (sero)conversion of testosterone to estradiol, a form of estrogen. So, we gotta face the facts guys, we ALL have that feminine side, we produce estrogen. Understand, this is a normal process of aging and small amounts of estrogen is beneficial, however, this conversion happens at a greater rate for many, therefore we may experience unwanted signs, symptoms and effects of elevated estrogen that can be potentially harmful or even dangerous in men.

You’ve seen those Ocean Liners that have been out to sea for a while and accumulate those pesky saltwater barnacles causing drag and reducing ship speed. These prevent the Vessel from reaching its peak performance. Well gents, our “barnacles within” is a protein called SHBG (sex hormone binding globulin) which essentially attaches to testosterone reducing our bioavailable or usable testosterone.

There are three primary reasons for reduced bioavailable testosterone: 1. Reduced testosterone production (natural or acquired) 2. Aromatase (sero)conversion from testosterone to estradiol 3. The protein “barnacle” (SHBG) reduces usable testosterone.

Treatment or therapeutic options: 1. Dietary and Lifestyle modifications 2. TRT (testosterone replacement therapy) 3. Supplements or Prescriptions – Aromatase inhibitors 4. Supplements, dietary and lifestyle changes to reduce the SHBG protein.

These dietary and lifestyle changes combined with supplementation and/or prescriptions, will help reduce that drag we feel daily. As we curtail testosterone conversion, shed our “barnacles” (weight, bad habits and SHBG), we will feel better, more energy, and experience improvement in many aspects of our lives, thus allowing ourselves to function at “full steam ahead”.

Please schedule an appointment with a Man Alive Medical Professional to help you understand more about these conditions, determine what your bioavailable testosterone level is, and together discuss the best treatment options, tailored to your individual needs. The Man Alive Team is here to help you reach your full potential.

-The Man Alive Team

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