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12 reasons why fee-for-service medicine is becoming popular

Why Fee-for-service medicine is becoming popular:

  1. Reduced Cost!
  2. More Choice and Ownership in one’s own health care management.
  3. No insurance runaround regarding Pre-Existing Conditions.
  4. No waiting for Prior Authorization (insurance approval) regarding a treatment plan or medications.
  5. Patients know what they’re paying for. Full disclosure pricing. No Surprises!
  6. Enhanced patient-focused experience and customer service.
  7. Expedited and efficient health care delivery.
  8. Patients may choose their Health Care Providers.
  9. Patients with insurance also benefit!
  10. Insured patients may receive the same reduced rates.
  11. Patients may ask for a Health Insurance Claim Form (HCFA) or a bill after each visit. They can submit this form to their private insurance for either reimbursement or help pay down their deductible*.
  12. Flexible spending account (FSA or Health spending/saving accounts – HSA) offer even greater pre-tax savings opportunity. Combine with a major medical insurance policy for peace of mind.

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*If a medical office bills your insurance for a service, supplies, etc., it is unlawful to submit an HCFA form or bill to your insurance carrier for reimbursement associated with that same service or encounter.

All information provided is based on our professional experience and personal opinion.

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