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Low T Facts

Gynecomastia or Man-boobs (‘Moobs’) is a real concern for many men.  How should one investigate this possibility?

A common misconception is the belief that we are only low in testosterone – not necessarily true!  A common reason this condition develops is usually due to an abundance of either or both estradiol (a form of estrogen) or prolactin (a pituitary hormone).  These hormones can stimulate breast tissue in men and also cause weight gain, fluid retention, and bloating.

  • Estradiol develops due to the abundance of an enzyme called aromatase.  In men, this enzyme is stored in fatty tissue and converts testosterone to estradiol.  Weight loss and a diet rich in zinc can help reduce this enzyme thereby reducing estradiol and preserving testosterone levels.
  • Prolactin is produced by the pituitary gland, and in some men can be produced at abnormally high levels.  This could be the results of a mass in the pituitary gland called a prolactinoma or microadenoma.  Another cause could simply be the overproduction of prolactin from the pituitary gland.

Another condition not well known is Klinefelters syndrome – a random genetic error leading to an extra X chromosome in males also known as XXY.  This can also contribute to enhanced breast tissue in males, as a result of decreased testosterone and increased estradiol and/or prolactin.  This genetic abnormality can occur in 1:500 males.

At Man Alive we evaluate our patients for these possible abnormalities.  Please contact us for an appointment as we look forward to being your partners in health.

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Did you know that long or short-term treatment with testosterone injections, creams or gels alone will result in halting or decreasing the production of one’s testosterone? Just because an individual is diagnosed with low testosterone doesn’t necessarily mean they can’t produce testosterone.  Many men have normal functioning testicles, however, the hormone signal from the pituitary gland, in the brain, that tells the testes to produce testosterone, may be malfunctioning. Allow Man Alive to help you regain testicular function with a safe and effective alternative to these traditional options.  You can take these medications by mouth a few times a week, and there is no need for injection. Call or Book now.

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Did you know testosterone injections, gels, creams or patches are not the best first-line treatment for Low T?

The following question may open your eyes to a new understanding of Low T treatment.

Would you rather rely on a manufactured or synthetic source of external testosterone, or safely increase the production of your own testosterone?

The choice is a no-brainer.  I would safely assume that the majority of us would like to preserve the function of our testosterone manufacturing plant (testicles) for as long as we can.

There are a few prescription medications that provide the opportunity for you to restore the function of your testicles and increase your own testosterone. These medications have been known to: prevent testicular shrinkage and in many cases increase the size of the genitalia and help some lose weight. These medications will also help us determine the type of low T you may be experiencing.

If you think your testosterone levels may be low, have been diagnosed with Low T or have been treated for an extended period with shots or cream, please contact us to discuss these safe and very effective treatment options. We are here to be Your Partner In Health!

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Did you know that there are 2 primary reasons we experience low testosterone?

  1. The first is called Primary Hypogonadism. This condition is due to testicular failure. Your testicles essentially stop or slow the production of testosterone. Like the Pancreas, the testicles are a hormone-producing organ and subject to malfunction. The pancreas produces insulin and when cells of the pancreas falter or fail, we experience a form of diabetes. The testicles are subject to the same type of dysfunction.
  2. The other is Secondary Hypogonadism. This is due to a hormone signal interruption from one of two hormone-producing glands in the brain. The Hypothalamus or Pituitary gland. These glands are responsible for producing hormones that stimulate the testicles to produce both testosterone and sperm.

How do we effectively test for or determine which type of Low T or Hypogonadism you may be dealing with?  YOU NEED MORE THAN JUST A TESTOSTERONE TEST!

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All information provided is based on expert consensus and our professional experience.

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